Compression Tube Fittings

Double ferrule compresstion tube fitting / Everfit Technology CO., LTD. (EFT) is a vacuum component, vacuum fitting, processing equipment and system provider with almost 50 years of experience.

Compression Tube Fittings

Double ferrule compresstion tube fitting

Straight configuration, compression tube fitting
Straight configuration, compression tube fitting

EFT tube fittings are designed to provide a reliable leak-tight connection and suitable for petrochemical, chemical processing, oil refineries, laboratory, power generation, electronic, semiconductor, shipbuilding, as well as other major industries. With precision machined and strict quality control, EFT tube fittings achieve torque-free installation and leak-free performance.

Material : 316L or 316Ti (DIN 1..4571)

  • Stainless Steel Tube Adapter
    Stainless Steel Tube Adapter
    Stainless steel pipe adapter

    Installation Instructions – for 1” / 25mm and Smaller Fittings ( Include Caps). Reassembly plugs, Silver-plated nut threads eliminate the attrition of body threads; a variety of configurations increases system versatility; each body is stamped with size and material; easy to assembly and no special tools required.; designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, and analyzer.Material : 316L or 316Ti (DIN 1..4571)

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Vacuum Component | Compression Tube Fittings Manufacturer - EFT

Based in Taiwan, EVERFIT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a stainless steel vacuum component supplier for various industries, including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, cosmetics, food processing and structural engineering. Main product: 316Ti Stainless steel pipe, progressing cavity pump part, pipe tee fitting, valve actuator component, diaphragm valve, ferrule, KF flange, etc.

5,500 square meter plant, cleanroom (class 10,000) and ultra-pure water system to deliver the cleanest pipe fittings. Between the robot arm and adjustment of fixture and jig, EFT is moving toward to becoming a manufacturer of pipe fittings with high technology.

EFT has been offering customers high-quality stainless steel vacuum components since 1976, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, EFT ensures each customer's demands are met.

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