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Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd. President Mr.Yang Ren Tsz

Custom Services

Custom Engineered Vacuum Components

Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd.  President Mr.Yang Ren Tsz
Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd. President Mr.Yang Ren Tsz
Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd.
Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd.

Custom Engineered Vacuum Components & Chambers - manufactured to meet your design specifications.

Quotations are given based on customer's sketches and requirements.

We require :
- Overall dimensions
- Flange sizes
- Angles
- Focal points
- Material

If the customer’s sketches are not suitable for manufacturing use, EFT will produce full manufacturing drawings. These will be presented to the customer for approval prior to manufacture.

Typical Creation Process
Special Custom Fabrications

Custom Vacuum Components

- Material Selection
- Drawing Service
- Precision Turning and Milling
- Testing of Mechanical Parameters
- Welding
- Surface Treatment and Quality Control
- Clean Room Compatible Packaging

Design and Manufacture, we offer the complete custom fabrication service

Flanges or fittings customized, modified

Everfit Technology Co.,Ltd. is equipped to build custom vacuum chambers of virtually any complexity.Vacuum vessels can be built to your exact specifications from a rough handsketch, detailed engineering drawings or anything in-between.

Our technical sales personnel of experienced vacuum physicists and engineers are always available to discuss customer needs and assist with specific quotations. Sales support is provided by a multi-lingual team of administrators who ensure that orders are rapidly processed, packed and shipped.

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39 Years Vacuum Component , Vacuum Fitting, Processing Equipment & System Manufacturer - EFT

Based in Taiwan, EVERFIT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a stainless steel vacuum component supplier for various industries, including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, cosmetics, food processing and structural engineering. Main product: 316Ti Stainless steel pipe, fitting clamp, progressing cavity pump part, pipe tee fitting, valve actuator component, diaphragm valve, ferrule, KF flange, etc.

5,500 square meter plant, cleanroom (class 10,000) and ultra-pure water system to deliver the cleanest pipe fittings. Between the robot arm and adjustment of fixture and jig, EFT is moving toward to becoming a manufacturer of pipe fittings with high technology.

EFT has been offering customers high-quality stainless steel vacuum components since 1976, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, EFT ensures each customer's demands are met.

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